Invited Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Celeste Yuen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Celeste Y. M. Yuen is an Associate Professor of the Department of Educational Administration and Policy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She earned her doctorate from the UCL Institute of Education (UCL-IOE), University of London. She has served as a visiting scholar in UCL-IOE, University of Hull, and Nanning University. Prior to her current appointment, she taught in the Education University of Hong Kong and was a recipient of the Knowledge Transfer Grant and Top Ten Percent Publication Awards. Currently, she is Vice President and Company Secretary of Hong Kong Educational Research Association (HKERA), mentor for the mentoring programme of World Educational Research Association (WERA), and associate editor of Multicultural Education Review. She has led more than 20 projects related to youth engagement, interculturalism, spiritual wellbeing and immigrant and minority studies. Some of her related publications have appeared in Journal of Youth Studies, Youth and Society, British Journal of Religious Education, Compare, Teaching and Teacher Education, Asia Pacific Journal of Education and so forth. She also served as a founding school supervisor and is currently a school manager of two schools.


Topic: Wellness of Underprivileged Youth approaching Post-secondary Education and Development in Hong Kong

Abstract: Youth studying at the high schools are straddling at the fence of education and work, with one foot in the world of adolescence and one foot in the world of adults. Stress has become part of their growing-up. They negotiate a period of enormous uncertainty that leads to intense media use, identity seeking, and peer endorsement. This milestone of development challenges them and their parents and teachers. As student life outcomes are essential indicators of school success and core responsibility, combating the negative factor affecting students’ wellbeing is a pressing issue. This presentation draws on the interview data of underprivileged Hong Kong youth on their choices in transition to post-secondary education (PSE) and development. Youth from low socio-economic backgrounds or immigrant backgrounds are particularly challenged by the high tuition fees, academic language and admissions requirements of PSE. Student voices of struggle and success will be delineated. Attention will be on personal factors for pursuing higher education and career among the underprivileged youth in Hong Kong.



Dr. Mariam Mohamad, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr Mariam Mohamad is a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia. Her research interest is in the field of mobile learning and mobile assistive technology. Dr Mariam was acknowledged as one of the pioneers from Malaysia in mobile learning research, in the book entitled Mobile Learning in Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region published by Springer. Her work also referred by UNESCO in the publication entitled; Turning on Mobile Learning:  Illustrative Initiatives and Policy Implications. For her success in the field, she was awarded with various international grant from Japan to support her research in mobile assistive technology. 
She also won various prestigious innovation competition including; (i) Gold medal award from Virtual Innovation Competition 2020 entitled “Historical Courses Learning Model Embedded with Virtual Reality As Remote Learning Tool Of Game Based Mode”, (iii)Bronze medal award from International Invention, Innovation and Design Competition 2020 entitled “AULSTRA guide to writing on the go”, (iv)Silver medal award from International Innovation Arsvot Malaysia (IAM 2021) entitled “ Learning module for history subject via mobile based learning” and (v)Bronze medal award from International Innovation Arsvot Malaysia (IAM 2021) entitled “Education in need and demand victory app: An innovation framework utilizing virtual reality to improve visual learning ability and students performance gain in history lessons contents”.
For the community, she also devoted her time as the Vice President for Dyslexia Association, Penang State and the Advisor for Special Need Students Association, University Sains Malaysia. She is also a committee member for Research & Development Unit, Malaysian Association for The Blind.


Topic: Supporting Dyslexic Children through Mobile Assistive Technology

Abstract: Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disability that affects one’s ability to read and write. Many interventions methods are currently in use, however more studies need to be done to determine which interventions work best. Digital technologies can be used in order to train, assist and even enable the learning process. Nonetheless, not much have been explored in previous studies regarding the implementation of tactile letters as multisensory approach together with the mobile application. The intervention approach which been explored is either conducted solely by using tactile letters or by using mobile applications in learning about alphabets. There is a gap in combining both intervention approach to support dyslexic children. Therefore, this research is intended to add value to the knowledge and discovery of the framework for the combination of tactile letters with mobile application in teaching alphabet to dyslexic children. A qualitative approach will be selected because the aim is to provide a rich picture of the experience of all involved during the study; teachers, parents and the dyslexic children.
The output of the study is the establishment of the framework which includes content, activity and assessment regarding the integration of mobile learning and tactile letters which could also be the guidance for the special needs education. It is envisaged that the study will address the issues of inequalities among the disable people and parallel to the needs of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in integrating digital technologies.

Keywords: dyslexia, tactile letters, mobile application, mobile assistive technology, special needs